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You've decided that you want to lose weight and the way to do that is to eat better and do some exercise. You know exactly what foods you should eat less of (chocolates, cakes and biscuits) and what foods to eat (whole foods, more vegetables and more water).  You might have even visited the doctor, dietician or a health coach to help you reach your goal. You've been doing well for a few days and then all of a sudden the cakes start to sneak back in and you start giving in to your cravings. It seems like there is a disconnect between what you know you should be doing and what you choose to do.

Sounds familiar? Most people who want to lose weight generally know what foods to eat and what foods to limit. The problem most people have is putting what they know into action.

I see lots of women who want to lose weight in my practice. I find that the women who are most successful at adopting healthier habits are those who are very connected to their "why". What I mean by this is that w...

This post originally appeared in the Family Doctors Plus website 

To live a calmer and happier life it is essential to control our stress levels.


Many mums these days feel stressed; they are rushing from one thing to the next, juggling many roles, multitasking. This stress manifests itself in many different ways such as waking up tired day after day, carrying excess weight, pain , depression, anxiety, mood swings, sugar cravings and illness. Research also tells us that stress is responsible for 80 per cent of disease and illness. 


 Here are 3 ways to manage stress better:


1. Find a balance 


Stress occurs when we haven't taken the time to slow down to rest and restore. In nature, everything exists in balance; dark and light, night and day, summer and winter, hot and cold, earth and sea, expansion and contraction.


So how can you find your own balance if you are rushing all the time, looking after everybody else and on the go?


-Take some time to slow down during the day, to take some deep...


If you've ever been on a traditional weight loss diet you'll know that they are usually about guilt, shame, deprivation, counting calories, cutting out food groups and pushing yourself through punishing exercise programs. All this does is add to the stress that you are already under and they either don't work or if they do work initially you end up putting all the weight back on when you go back to your normal life.


It doesn't sound like much fun and it is certainly not the way to go if you want to feel great and look amazing. 


How does nourishing yourself with great food, having less cravings, and feeling more calm and less stressed sound?


Now we're talking right?


When you with Beatrice you will form a new philosophy around nutrition that will improve your energy and lead to sustainable weight loss.


You get one on one coaching, a list of recipes and useful websites that make healthy eating achievable, even for busy mums!


You will also get useful resources such as food substitution gu...

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June 10, 2015

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