Being kind is good for you. It's good for your emotional well being. It makes you feel good and it lifts your energy. 

It's also necessary for optimum well being. 

In her book 'Thrive' Arianna Huffington explains that giving and contributing selflesssly to others gets us away from the everyday minutiae of life and that to 'keep our inner world strong it's essential that we reach out to our outer world through compasssion and giving." As she so eloquently puts it " because however successful we are, when we go out in the world to get things, when we strive to achieve a goal, we are operating from a perceived deficit, focused on what we don't have and are trying to obtain- until the goal is achieved. And then we go after the next goal. But when we give however little or much we have we are tapping into our sense of abundance and overflow".

And that encapsulates an important key to optimum wellness- feeling abundant.

Tony Robbins, the world's most renowned motivational speaker, also spea...

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June 10, 2015

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