This post originally appeared in the Family Doctors Plus website 

To live a calmer and happier life it is essential to control our stress levels.


Many mums these days feel stressed; they are rushing from one thing to the next, juggling many roles, multitasking. This stress manifests itself in many different ways such as waking up tired day after day, carrying excess weight, pain , depression, anxiety, mood swings, sugar cravings and illness. Research also tells us that stress is responsible for 80 per cent of disease and illness. 


 Here are 3 ways to manage stress better:


1. Find a balance 


Stress occurs when we haven't taken the time to slow down to rest and restore. In nature, everything exists in balance; dark and light, night and day, summer and winter, hot and cold, earth and sea, expansion and contraction.


So how can you find your own balance if you are rushing all the time, looking after everybody else and on the go?


-Take some time to slow down during the day, to take some deep...

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June 10, 2015

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