It was Melbourne Cup today which is a day of celebration and watching the horse races in Australia! A day for the ladies and gents to glam up, have a champagne, watch the best horse race in the world with their friends or colleagues and, maybe even have a bet to make things interesting!

So, food and wine are part of the celebration! And why not?! Celebration, tradition and fun are what memories are made of!

What this blog post is about is how you can support your body through a hangover, to help it detox and return to peak function so that you can feel good as soon as possible.

In other words: how you can support your liver as it is clearing the nasties from your body.

Look after your liver and it will look after you. The liver is a detoxifier as well as being the body's powerhouse. If your liver is functioning properly you are more likely to feel energetic, have mental clarity, have clear skin and eyes, avoid premature ageing and you will not store excess fat. 

You know this...

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June 10, 2015

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